History of Willibrordhaeghe

Fletcher Monastery Hotel Willibrordhaeghe has a rich history and has carried out various functions. The mission house on the road from Deurne to Vlierden was opened in 1954. This building was a rebuild of the Mission House in Uden, which was opened in 1911 and was destroyed in 1944. The Mission house was the minor seminary of this congregation, also known as the "missionaries of Steyl". The Mission house accommodated the priests and monks from SVD, which stands for Societas Verbi Divini, meaning Society of the Divine Word.

Willibrordhaeghe was given a different function in 2004, when it became a conference hotel. Due to the financial crisis, the hotel company experienced some bad years and closed for business in 2014. Nursing home Deurne took over Willibrordhaeghe from 1 July 2014, but has since closed too. Next, Willibrordhaeghe became the focus for an asylum seeker’s centre. From 1 June 2017, this magnificent building will continue life under the Fletcher flag, as Fletcher Monastery Hotel Willibrordhaeghe.

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