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About the hotel

Willibrordhaeghe was originally a monastery with seminary. Nowadays, it’s a modern 4-start hotel with lots of facilities. Its history and the original ambiance have been preserved. This fusion of past and present gives Willibrordhaeghe its unique character and perception. 

Modern hotel in a former monastery

Fletcher Kloosterhotel Willibrordhaeghe is situated in a 15-hectare park in the stunning landscape of Deurne in Noord-Brabant. The hotel features many facilities to ensure a wonderful stay, including 99 luxurious hotel rooms, Bar Bistro DuCo, two spacious terraces, gym and two children’s play areas. The hotel also has an onsite multifunctional chapel that can be used as a magnificent location for parties and celebrations.

Splendid surroundings

Because of its beautiful location in a lovely landscaped park, this hotel offers relaxation, tranquillity and space. Deurne is often called the cultural centre of the Peel. It boasts a wide range of historical buildings, sights, events and other cultural displays. Anyone looking for the exuberance and joie de vivre Brabant is known for is in the right place here.

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